About Me

Colleen Rushton

Certified Instructor

Westminster, CO


I have been taking lessons since I was 13. In 2010 I started studying under Katti Powell, Founder of The Powell Method. I was so excited to FINALLY get a teacher that taught me more than just classical technique! Every teacher I had up to that point had only been teaching classical. Now, I am not saying that classical is bad in ANY way. In fact, its the first technique I teach my students. It's just that classical wasn't the only thing I ever wanted to learn. I wanted to know how to sing like my favorite artists on the radio. The Powell Method was so easy to learn that it didn't take me long to be able to accomplish my goals. After working with Katti for over a year I decided that I wanted to be able to help others the way she helped me. I went through her extensive certification program and became a Certified Powell Method Instructor! Later that year I was able to be the vocal coach for Talent Quest National Karaoke Contest in 2011 where 80% of my students made it to the Semi Finals!

I believe that anyone can learn to sing. A lot of it will depend on how much the student is wanting to work on doing it. It doesn't matter if you have been given the gift of voice, great singers get there from the time and energy they have invested in mastering technique. I also believe that you can take lessons at any age. Some teachers will not take anyone that is under the age of 16 because their voices aren't fully developed. I think that as soon as someone shows interest and has the attention span to stay focused for an hour, they should be registered so that they can learn how to sing properly without causing damage to their voices. I believe that it is best to learn more than one technique. So many voice teachers only teach one technique that it leaves the singers to fend for themselves when trying to sing other styles of music. Doing this will usually cause the singer to lose their voices or damage their chords as they do not have the proper training for those techniques. This is why I focus on teaching 3 different techniques and several different genre's. Lessons are tailored to your specific desires and needs to help you achieve your goals sooner. Don't forget to like me on Facebook and see any current specials! https://www.facebook.com/CrushVocals